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Global Dialogue enables independent funders to work together to realise ambitious goals and create lasting change. We are a platform for philanthropic partnership, assisting donors to collaborate and innovate, to develop shared strategies and test new approaches, and to deliver impact by aligning grants or pooling funds.

Global Dialogue was established in 2007 as a philanthropic support organisation with a vision to promote innovation in the human rights movement. Our first programme, the Strategic Fund for Turkey, was created in partnership with the Sigrid Rausing Trust and enabled several private funders to support the emerging human rights movement in Turkey at a critical time of transition in the region.

We were the first philanthropic support organisation to develop a UK equivalent to ‘fiscal sponsorship’, and now support a broad portfolio of hosted programmes. We’re proud to have hosted the Ariadne network since its establishment in 2009. Our third programme, the Thomas Paine Initaitive, grew out of discussions held between Ariadne members concerned about the threat to the Human Rights Act in the UK, and was established as a pooled fund at Global Dialogue by 2012.

Global Dialogue is now an independent, international platform for philanthropic partnership. Our current portfolio reflects our long term commitment to human rights, equality and diversity, but also enables funders to explore other critical issues including in recent months work on countering racial and religious hatred in Europe, sexual harassment in philanthropy, and funding in conflict-affected areas. We will continue to grow our capacity to support philanthropic partnership to advance charitable causes worldwide. We look forward to working with you.

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