Early Action Funders Alliance

Challenging funders to act earlier

The Early Action Funders Alliance (EAFA) is a group of UK funders who share a vision of a society that prevents problems from occurring rather than one that, as now, copes with the consequences. The purpose of the Early Action Funders Alliance is to create an active community of funders from across different sectors who are committed to using early action approaches in their work – continually challenging themselves and their grantees to act one step earlier.


We support funders to seek thoughtful and creative responses to the challenges of escalating needs and shrinking resources, and aspire to create a world where services stretch to all who need them and where we make long term decisions that have lasting impact. This approach is being trialled by the Early Action Neighbourhood Fund. The five year £5.3 million project aims to reduce future demand for public services (e.g. children’s services, mental health budgets and housing support) by providing innovative models of intensive preventative support right now.


With thanks to: With thanks to the Barrow Cadbury Trust, Big Lottery Fund, Comic Relief, Esmee Fairbairn, Legal Education Foundation for funding EAFA.

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EAFA was inspired by the work of the Early Action Taskforce. You can find a list of their publications here, as well as signing up for their monthly early action briefing here.


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