International Education Funders Group

The IEFG is an affinity network of foundations and donor-advised funds that seeks to strengthen and amplify its members’ philanthropic impact in the field of education.

The International Education Funders Group is a peer-led, member-driven group, focused primarily on co-learning, information exchange and networking, trying to collectively strengthen our members’ work and knowledge of the field of education. We do not seek to directly influence education policy agendas and spaces; our purpose is to help private funders have a stronger voice and impact in education by improving their strategic analyses and thinking, informing and assisting their grantmaking, and providing opportunities for collective learning and action. We are diverse – with over 100 member organizations from wide geographic, thematic and political angles.


  • Our interests cover early childhood through to tertiary education, as well as non-formal education, youth and skills, and adult education.
  • Much of our work aims to support the education targets set out in the Sustainable Development Goals and Education 2030.
  • Members receive monthly newsletters to keep up with the field – collated by the Secretariat and by members recommendations, and meet for large member meetings and smaller regional events that focus on key issues in the field, as determined and as planned by the membership (due to health concerns, we have moved these meetings online).
  • We host the Global Partnership for Education – Foundation Constituency; as well as providing opportunities for foundations to interact and feed into the UN’s SDG 2030 Education Steering Committee, the Global Education Monitoring Report, and bilateral and multilateral actors in the education space.


The IEFG runs on generous contributions by its over 100 members, both in-kind and financially. We are grateful to have the support and partnership of so many extraordinary funders.

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