Supporting equal rights for LGBTI people globally

UK LGBTI Donor Initiative is a UK based individual donor community with and for donors supporting equal rights of LGBTI people globally. We are one of the first initiatives of its kind in the UK focused on LGBTI social justice causes.


Our work supports new and existing funders to mobilise and increase their support to international LGBTI rights, a movement that remains chronically underfunded.

We aim to build community and foster collaboration among donors at the international level, contribute to informed giving strategies among donors, meaningfully connect donors to LGBTI activisits, and encourage financial commitments from donors to support international LGBTI efforts.

UKLGBTI Donor Initiative is not associated with any grant or donation-receiving organisation. Rather through our partnership with established grantmakers we provide access to free impartial philanthropic advice. This creates a solicitation free, safe space for donor collaboration.


Our thanks to: Baring Foundation, Oak Foundation, Open Society Foundations, and the Rumi Foundation for funding UKLGBTI.


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