Education Philanthropy and the Pandemic

The blog titled ‘Education Philanthropy and the Pandemic’ lists five important takeaways  from a symposium organized by the International Education Funders Group which highlighted the diverse and dynamic efforts of education philanthropists to address some of the most pressing challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

International Education Funders Group

Last May, the International Education Funders Group (IEFG) held a virtual symposium on the contribution of philanthropy to mitigate and transform some of the most pressing education challenges created by the pandemic: out-of-school children and learning loss. Over three days, more than 80 IEFG members and 20 external speakers from Peru to Pakistan discussed the evidence base on out-of-school children and learning loss. They heard about programmatic responses to these challenges and debated how philanthropies can foster the resilience of education systems and of learners to manage the ongoing fall-out from the pandemic.

Sub-themes echoed throughout the symposium included the why, what and how of remote learning, the need to double down on pre-pandemic inequities and the importance of engaging stakeholders across the education ecosystem.

The blog by Jo Kelcey, Director of Programmes at the IEFG, lists five important takeaways from the event.

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