Collaborative Philanthropy: our hosting offer

Global Dialogue hosts donor networks, funder collaboratives and pooled funds for both UK and international causes. We specialise in providing a smart back-office function tailored to the needs of independent philanthropy, taking care of finance and administration, HR and legal matters so that programme staff can focus on strategy and delivery. We were the first philanthropic support organisation to develop a UK equivalent to ‘fiscal sponsorship’, and now support a broad portfolio of hosted programmes.

Global Dialogue is committed to enabling a high level of donor governance to our hosted programmes, most of which have Advisory Boards, Management Committees or Steering Groups made up of the funders of that initiative and other partners. We seek to make connections and share our learning across our programmes and networks whenever possible so that the wider field is enriched by our work.

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Ariadne is a network of European social change and human rights funders who work together to strengthen philanthropy, help funders act strategically, and encourage new donors to enter the field with maximum impact.

Migration Exchange

Migration Exchange is an informal network of independent funders. We inform public debate on migration and support efforts to create welcoming communities.

Early Action Funders Alliance

The Early Action Funders Alliance (EAFA) is a group of UK funders who share a vision of a society that prevents problems from occurring rather than one that, as now, copes with the consequences…

Funder’s Initiative for Civil Society

FICS was established in 2016 to develop a strategic funders’ response to the systemic challenge of closing civil society space. We facilitate learning opportunities and collective action, building innovative ways for funders to support a healthy civil society.

Thomas Paine Initiative

The Thomas Paine Initiative is a collaborative grantmaking programme which aims to build stronger support for human rights and to increase the amount of funding for human rights activities in the UK.


UK LGBTI Donor Initiative is a UK based individual donor community with and for donors supporting equal rights of LGBTI people globally. We are one of the first initiatives of its kind in the UK focused on LGBTI social justice causes.

Bold Philanthropy

Global Dialogue incubates influential, award-winning civil society organisations in the UK.

Creative Philanthropy

Global Dialogue regrants to support charitable causes worldwide, on behalf of our funders, our hosted programmes and special initiatives.

Agile Philanthropy

Global Dialogue assists funders with expert project management capacity, enabling them to scope a field, test a new approach or develop new partnerships.