Enabling innovative and collaborative philanthropy

 Global Dialogue enables independent funders to work together to realise ambitious goals and create lasting change. We are a platform for philanthropic partnership, assisting donors to develop shared strategies, test new approaches, and deliver lasting impact by aligning grants or pooling funds.

Our Hosting Offer

We host donor networks, manage funder collaboratives, and house pooled funds for both UK and international causes. Our current hosting portfolio incudes Ariadne, the network of European funders of social change and human rights; FICS, the Funders Initiative for Civil Society; and Migration Exchange.

Our Incubation Offer

We incubate influential, award-winning civil society organisations in the UK. Our former projects include incubating IMIX, the communications hub for the refugee and migrant sector; and Rightslnfo, a digital space for human rights.

Our Special Initiatives Offer

We assist funders with expert project management capacity, enabling them to scope a field, test a new approach or develop new partnerships.

Our Grantmaking Offer

We regrant to support charitable causes worldwide on behalf of our funders, our hosted programmes and special initiatives.

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