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 We are Global Dialogue – an international philanthropy support organisation. We partner with independent funders to advance rights, equity and diversity.

Independent in status and global in reach, we provide funder networks, collaboratives and partners with practical support and technical expertise to create lasting change.


Focus on impact with our flexible back-office support. We host donor networks, funder collaboratives and pooled funds, providing an offer tailored to the needs of independent philanthropy.

Our current portfolio includes Ariadne, the European network of social change and human rights funders; IEFG, the network of grantmakers funding global basic education in pursuit of Sustainable Development Goal 4; and Migration Exchange, which cultivates insight, connection and action across the UK migration and refugee field.


Our incubation offer helps activists get their non-profits up and running quickly. And it supports them to register, develop and transition to their own independent entity.

We incubated The Five Foundation – a now independent charity. Working at the systemic level, they advocate for better funding streams to women on the African continent and beyond. All with the aim of achieving Global Goal 5: the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls.

Special initiatives

We design and deliver special projects in philanthropy, scoping emerging opportunities, testing new approaches, and developing influential partnerships.

For example, #PhilanthropyForClimate – the global movement of foundations committed to taking urgent action on climate change – started as a special initiative at Global Dialogue in 2020.


We move money to support activists, civil society organisations and social movements around the world. We subgrant from our hosted programmes and regrant for funders needing specialist support with their grantmaking.

For example, supporting the Global Narrative Hive to hold a ‘5x5x5’ rapid prototyping exercise, where 22 groups of 5 people around the world were given $5,000 to run 5-week experimental projects to test out ideas linked to narrative change in their communities.

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