Creative Philanthropy: our grantmaking offer

Global Dialogue manages a ‘house portfolio’ of subgrants from our hosted programmes and special initiatives, through which we fund leading activists and local organisations to deliver shared strategies. We also administer a ‘general portfolio’ of grants on behalf of our donor partners. Global Dialogue holds a 501(c)(3) Equivalency Determination through NGO Source that enables us to partner with donors based in the USA.

To learn more about our grantmaking offer please email

Bold Philanthropy

Global Dialogue incubates influential, award-winning civil society organisations in the UK.

Agile Philanthropy

Global Dialogue assists funders with expert project management capacity, enabling them to scope a field, test a new approach or develop new partnerships.

Collaborative Philanthropy

Global Dialogue regrants to support charitable causes worldwide, on behalf of our funders, our hosted programmes and special initiatives.