Our Story

Enabling cross-border philanthropy

We were the first philanthropic support organisation to develop a UK equivalent to ‘fiscal sponsorship’, and we’re proud to have hosted the Ariadne network since its establishment in 2009.

Discussions among Ariadne members seeking to build public support for human rights in the UK led to the creation of the Thomas Paine Initiative – Global Dialogue’s first pooled fund.

Our current vibrant portfolio grew from these three founding programmes. It reflects our long-standing commitment to human rights and social change, and to the cross-border philanthropy that often supports it.

A growing impact

We host five large networks and collaborations, serving more than 100 independent funders:

We’re also proud to have incubated several influential, award-winning charities in the UK, including EachOther (formerly RightsInfo), IMIX and The Five Foundation, as well as nurturing Larger Us.

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Global, flexible and supportive

As a virtual organisation, we deliver all our management functions online through a comprehensive set of digital platforms and tools.

Although our registered office is in London, we all work remotely, wherever we’re based. Our core team are all in the UK, while hosted programme staff are spread across nine countries on three continents.

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