NEWS: MEX Strategic Framework 2023-2028

For MEX, 2023 is a landmark year, with the creation of a new Strategic Framework for 2023-2028 and further additions to the newly established MEX team and structure, a new Co-director, Marchu Belete, and a new advisory group. 

March 2023

Migration Exchange

New Strategic Framework 2023-2028

Our vision is a country where people experience a migration system grounded in dignity, equity, and fairness. 

Over the last few months, we have developed our strategic framework for 2023-2028 which sets how we will contribute to this vision.

Read our strategic framework to learn more. 

Marchu Belete joins MEX as Co-director

Marchu Belete joined Migration Exchange as Co-director in June 2023.

Migration Exchange

“I am delighted to join MEX as Co-director as I admire the work it does and the impact it has on the migration sector.  I want to make a positive and wide-reaching impact on improving the experience of people who migrate to the UK. We are living through extraordinary times, the impact of Covid-19, Brexit, people arriving on boats in England, the recent Afghan and Ukrainian refugee crisis and the political far-right rhetoric are huge issues that the migration sector is struggling with. I am excited to join MEX at this crucial time, to work on a strategic level to address systemic challenges that can deliver real change and impact for people who migrate and wider communities.”

Marchu has over 15 years of professional experience working in charities in the migration sector and directly working with people who are migrants and refugees, in the community, detention centres, prisons and refugee camps in the UK and Europe. Marchu is an experienced and accomplished leader who possesses a fantastic track record as a change-maker.

Marchu has particular expertise in gender, developing lived experience centred campaigns and implementing impactful strategies as well as fundraising and grassroots network development. She was a co-director at Women for Refugee Women where she built programmes for grassroots groups, developed a network of refugee and migrant organisations across the UK, and was part of the development and implementation of #SetHerFree, #AllWomenCount and #SistersNotStrangers campaigns. More recently she was the CEO at Hibiscus Initiatives, where she led the organisation through the pandemic and developed a five-year strategy to transform the organisation focus to lived-experience and increased its funding. At Hibiscus she helped develop the ‘10 point Action plan to end Double Disadvantage’ experienced by Black, Asian, Minoritised and Migrant women in the criminal justice system.

Marchu holds a Master’s in Human Rights, Culture and Social Justice.

Marchu will be joining the rest of the MEX team currently made up of fellow Co-director Sarah Cutler, Programme Manager, Anna Camilleri and Programme Support Officer, Li-En Yapp.