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Consultancy opportunity: Rights and accountability in asylum contracts (AASC & AIRE) – scoping and enhancing sector plans

MEX is seeking a consultant to undertake scoping, convening and briefing related to Asylum Accommodation and Support Contracts (AASC) and The Advice, Issue Reporting and Eligibility Contract (AIRE) .

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Consultancy opportunity: co-design and deliver a funder learning series on Palestine

MEX is seeking a consultant to co-design and deliver a funder learning series on Palestine. Please read the information pack for more details.

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Call for applications: Steering Group (NRPF Partnership)

Exciting opportunity to join the Steering Group of a new partnership, looking to boost the movement to end the No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) policy.

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RESOURCES: Equity Catalyst Community of Practice 2024

The Equity Catalyst Community of Practice has begun. Find all relevant and up to date resources for and about this CoP here.

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NEWS: ‘Equity Catalysts’ Community of Practice – Transforming Leadership in the UK Refugee and Migration Sector

Migration Exchange’s leadership development community of practice, ‘Equity Catalysts’, has begun.

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BLOG: People, power and priorities: Challenges and opportunities in the refugee and migration sector

In this blog, we outline some key priorities identified in our research, drawing on the data, views and experiences of a large number of organisations and the people who drive them forward.

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NEWS: Reem Assil selected as delivery partner for MEX community of practice on leadership development

Migration Exchange has selected Reem Assil as delivery partner for our community of practice on leadership development.

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BLOG: 3 things funders can do following the ‘Illegal Migration Act’

How can funders better support the organisations they give grants to in the UK refugee and migration sector, now that the harmful ‘Illegal Migration Act’ has passed into law?

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Is the Global Counter-Terrorism Agenda Shrinking Civic Space?

The Funders Initiative for Civil Society (FICS) commissioned this paper in order to get a better understanding of the links between the global counter-terrorism agenda and the unprecedented attacks on civic space in recent years.

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What funders need to know about civic space in 2023

Civic Futures is looking ahead to the real-world effects of the security playbook, which has been accelerating the closing of civic space over the past twenty years.

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