Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment: Funders’ Practices and Challenges

Preventing and responsing to sexual harassment: Funders’ practices and challenges, from Ariadne, gives funders an idea of questions to ask themselves, things to take into account in developing policies, and practical measures to prevent and address sexual harassment.


“Sexual harassment is an experience many women (and also men) are forced to confront and deal with at some point in their lives. While it has often remained hidden and not discussed, especially in the workplace, the #metoo campaign has surfaced a more active discussion about the need to tackle sexual harassment and abuse in all domains.

As in the rest of society, among those who work for and interact with foundations, there will be individuals who are the target or perpetrators of sexual harassment in its various manifestations. Foundations committed to social justice and human rights have an important role in combating sexual harassment through their work, but they must also take all steps necessary to prevent and respond to it in their work.

Different foundations – and individuals within them – will have very different starting points, prior experiences and analyses and will need to think through different aspects of the full picture. Preventing and responding to sexual harassment: Funders’ practices and challenges seeks to provide some food for thought in the form of foundations’ shared experiences as a basis for this kind of thought process. It is an invitation to think, discuss, and learn.”