Bold Philanthropy: our incubation offer

We’re proud of our track record of incubating influential, award-winning civil society organisations in the UK, including IMIX, the communications hub for the refugee and migrant sector, and RightsInfo, a digital space for human rights. Working in partnership with funders we identify a critical gap in a field and design an intervention to fit, incubating it as a programme at Global Dialogue until we have proof-of-concept.

When an incubated programme demonstrates impact and secures long-term support, we recruit a board, register a new charitable entity and transfer the programme over to become an entirely independent charitable organisation. Our experience suggests that for smaller organisations this can be achieved in around a year, while larger initiatives can take up to four years – and we offer full strategic and operational support for as long as it takes.

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IMIX was established in 2016 as a strategic communications hub which supports the refugee and migration sector to facilitate media outreach, improve messaging and give advice on broader communications to increase the quality and quantity of positive media coverage.


Global Dialogue partnered with lawyer Adam Wagner in 2014 to develop RightsInfo, a new organisation with a bold mission to build knowledge and support for human rights in the UK by producing engaging, accessible and beautifully-presented online human rights content.

Creative Philanthropy

Philanthropy has greater impact when we use our funds to share power and drive change. Global Dialogue holds a ‘house portfolio’ of subgrants from our hosted programmes, through which we fund leading activists and local organisations to deliver shared strategies.

Agile Philanthropy

Global Dialogue assists funders with expert project management capacity, enabling them to scope a field, test a new approach or develop new partnerships.

Collaborative Philanthropy

Global Dialogue hosts donor networks, manages funder collaboratives, and hosts pooled funds for both UK and international causes.