Hamrah’s purpose is to strengthen the resilience and increase the impact of Afghan civil society in exile, particularly of women-led organisations.

Our vision is a strengthened Afghan civil society in exile equipped with the necessary organisational infrastructure, leadership skills, and collaborative networks to help safeguard vulnerable groups, especially women and girls, in Afghanistan.

Hamrah, meaning “together” or “a shared path” in Dari/Persian, is a new initiative hosted by Global Dialogue and supported by the Open Society Foundations.

The Context for Our Work

The civic space in Afghanistan is fast shrinking. Afghan women and girls face restrictions on education and freedom of movement, while minorities, activists, and journalists are subjected to detentions, abductions, and intimidation.

To preserve and sustain the gains so far, Afghan civil society organisations and leaders in exile have been active in monitoring and reporting on the situation, advocating for constructive international engagement and accountability, sustaining networks, and providing support to the activists and communities on the ground. However, these organisations remain poorly-resourced and are experiencing some difficulties transitioning to their host country and in collaborating to improve their impact.

Through technical and financial support and by providing knowledge-sharing, networking, and advocacy opportunities, we will assist our partner cohort in protecting the rights of vulnerable groups, especially women and girls, in Afghanistan.


Hamrah is funded by Open Society Foundation.


Connect with us

If you would like more information or to connect, please contact us on hamrah@global-dialogue.org