Building Bridges: Connecting with Values to Build Support for Human Rights

A guide sharing findings of in-depth research into the frames which are being used in discussions about human rights, the values they evoke and what we can do to introduce more positive frames into the debate.

Thomas Paine Initiative

This research looks at how to build a more positive conversation about human rights to achieve the wider aims on equality and social justice. It provides examples of how one might communicate equality and social justice issues using human rights frames.

The key findings include: how we frame human rights can and does make a difference to how they are perceived, frames which activate intrinsic values lead to greater concern for human rights and social justice more widely, appealing to intrinsic values is more effective than trying to negate negative frames, long-term repetition of positive frames is vital and deliberation along with framing can help promote the values that foster more concern for human rights. This was a collaboration between Equally Ours, Counterpoint and the Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC).

Publication date: June 2016