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Challenging the Closing Space for Civil Society: A Practical Starting Point for Funders

This report, published in 2016, aimed to give funders and members of civil society a practical starting point for thinking about possible approaches for working together and contesting the closing space for civil society.

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Closing Civil Society Space: What Environmental Funders Need to Know

How the closing of civic space is impeding environmental and conservation initiatives around the world, the drivers behind these increased restrictions, and how funders are starting to address these challenges.

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Go big or…? Trends in Closing Space Grant-making

Published in December 2019 by the Funders’ Initiative for Civil Society (FICS), this paper highlights emerging trends in closing space grant-making.

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Funding Journalism and Media

An Introduction to Funding Media and Journalism, developed by Ariadne and the Transparency and Accountability Initiative and written by Sameer Padania, aims to help funders boost their understanding of the key issues, debates and approaches in funding journalism and media.

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What is Closing Space Grant-making?

An emerging framework from the Funders’ Initiative for Civil Society.

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Why Shrinking Civil Society Space Matters in International Development and Humanitarian Action

Jointly published by FICS and the EFC in November 2017, this paper examines how the trend of shrinking space for civil society effects development funders and actors and how they are responding.

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Introducing the Funders’ Initiative for Civil Society: Our Strategy

This publication sets out the Funders’ Initiative for Civil Society’s three-year strategy from July 2017.

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Building Bridges: Connecting with Values to Build Support for Human Rights

A guide sharing findings of in-depth research into the frames which are being used in discussions about human rights, the values they evoke and what we can do to introduce more positive frames into the debate.

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Compassionate Care for All

Watch Charles’ story on why we need to care about human rights for older people.

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Unpunished: Showing Domestic Violence the Red Card

Watch this film about how domestic violence and training people to be a hero off the pitch.

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