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More Than Words: Building on Shared Values in Strategic Communications

A report on the opportunities for collaboration and shared learning in the use of strategic communications across related fields.

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Making a Way Forward – Community Organising and the Future of Democracy in Europe

Making a way forward – Community Organising and the Future of Democracy in Europe, published by Ariadne and the European Community Organising Network, presents insights from funders on the role that community organising can play for protecting liberal and inclusive democracies.

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Ending Violence Against Women in Europe: An Exploration of Philanthropic Giving

This Ariadne publication is the first-ever research into philanthropic funding for work to end violence against women in Europe.

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Seeking an Inclusive Europe: Foundation Grantmaking for Countering Ethnic and Religious Bias and Xenophobia

Seeking an Inclusive Europe: Foundation Grantmaking for Countering Ethnic and Religious Bias and Xenophobia is the first-ever study of the philanthropic community’s response to ongoing discrimination and increasing violence and the need for greater cultural understanding, inclusion, and equity.

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Sharing Data Responsibly – A Conversation Guide for Funders

Sharing data openly can help funders be transparent about their activities and highlight the impact of their grantees work. However, it can also increase risks to human rights work if data isn’t collected and managed responsibly.

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Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment: Funders’ Practices and Challenges

Published in December 2019 by the Funders’ Initiative for Civil Society (FICS), this paper highlights emerging trends in closing space grant-making – from addressing the threats and opportunities of the digital age, to strategies that help build solidarity across sectors, and many more.

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2019 Ariadne Forecast

The Ariadne Forecast is a community created resource that draws on Ariadne’s network of more than 578 funders in 23 countries, offering a timely reflection on the current direction of the sector.

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Building and Sustaining Support for Human Rights in the UK

A landscape review of the opportunities and challenges for donors and civil society organisations in the field of human rights.

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Closing Civil Society Space: What Environmental Funders Need to Know

How the closing of civic space is impeding environmental and conservation initiatives around the world, the drivers behind these increased restrictions, and how funders are starting to address these challenges.

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Annual Report 2017-2018

Our Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2017-18.

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